Creatives From Home Challenge

Welcome to our ‘Creativesfromhome’ Challenge!

Creatives from home Challenge has born to improve our creatives skills while we are isolated at home due to Covid-19.

Anyone CAN be part of Creativesfromhome Challenge. It is suitable for all the family.
Just make time to create every day!

Also, it is a great opportunity to improve and complete your Creative Portfolio. You can adjust the topics to your areas of work so, feel free to improvise and use all kind of materials and styles as you prefer or need for your specific kind of portfolio.

We will unlock the prompts on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays on the specific date.


  1. Make or build something creative in any medium or media that you prefer such as chalks, drawing inks, gouache, acrylics, fabric dyes, printing inks, sculpting materials, jewellery metals and materials, digital media, including photographs and moving image media, music, dance or any other medium that you considered. Totally up to you!

  2. Post it in your Instagram and/or Facebook wall or story

  3. Hashtag it with us if you want your art to be seen by everyone: #creativesfromhome and @creativesfromhome

  4. Repeat with the following prompt.

You can participate daily, post every other day or post once a week. Totally up to you, don’t be stressed at all, this is not a Competition!

Follow the Challenge on Instagram and Facebook and be tuned!