Take the Mask Challenge! Participate and win a pack of Arty Goodies.

Covid-19 is exposing us to a new normality due to the use of face masks to protect ourselves and others to spread the virus. Why not use this to express your creative talent and at the same time become aware of the importance of its use? Design a face mask, using craft materials (or the materials you think appropriate) or digitally, and win a pack of Arty Goodies!

How can I participate?

  1. Design and create your mask. You choose the theme. IMPORTANT: This mask will not be created to be used, so it can be made with paper, cardboard, fabric or any material of your consideration. Don’t use real sanitary masks for this challenge, please.

  2. Take a Selfie with your masks with a plain background and portrait format. Make sure your camera settings are the best quality possible. Maximum file size 25 MB.

  3. Send your Picture at creativenatives.edin@gmail.com and let us know:
    The name of your mask.
    Your name or pseudonym.
    Country and City.
    Email to contact you if necessary.
    Explanation of your mask and its message.
    Method of creation: Handmade or Digital.

  4. Share the selfie on your Facebook and/or Instagram (story or post) with the hashtags:
    #Themaskchallenge    #MakeYourMask   #Creativesfromhome

Follow all these steps and you will enter the raffle to win one of our 3 packs of Arty Goodies!

2 winners for a small art package worth £25.
1 winner for a large art package worth £50.

Entries: Open until the 30th August 2020 at 23.59h.
Winners will be announced on the 31st August 2020.

All ages welcome to enter.
You can participate as many times as you want as long as the designs are different!

With all the entries we will create an Exhibition later on in Edinburgh.

Ready to take this Face mask Challenge?

Participating you consent to the use of your image in social networks and for its events such as exhibitions or publications. Your photo, email and contact information will not be communicated to any third party or used for commercial purposes.