Frequently asked questions

Creative Natives no longer operates on a drop-in basis.
Get in touch with us to arrange a visit to the studio, and we'll give you a time to come in.

Most of our young people enjoyed doing art at school or in their spare time. It doesn’t matter to us if you’re an amazing artist or a complete beginner.

Unfortunately, no. After we meet you, we’ll let you know when’s the best time for you to come along.

The studio is open Monday-Thursday every week, so we’ll find a time that suits you.

Click the “Get In Touch” button to arrange a meeting so we can have a chat at our studio. You can come along with a family member, friend or support worker if that makes it easier.

No. We’ll provide all the materials (within reason!) and we’ll also give you a £5 lunch allowance every day you attend! Slay.

You can come along to Creative Natives if you are between 14 and 24 years-old.

The Creative Natives studio is based at:

Basement 1 Room 10. St Margarets House, 151 London Road, Edinburgh EH7 6AE.

4, 5, X5, X6, X7, 26, 44, 45, 113, 124.
Get off at Meadowbank House.

(See video below)